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How SpaceX Could Accelerate Spacefaring – An Alternate Method

The starting position SpaceX currently has the Falcon 9 we know well. The first version flew in 2010. It uses kerosene fuel with gas generator Merlin engines. The engine cycle is conservative and performance is fine. Falcon 9 has reusable … Continue reading

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Typical Slashdottery

Once you know something about a subject, you can see most news reporting and public discussion as the horrible misguided speculation and false myths presented as facts that it really is. This time it’s SpaceX’s successful orbiting. Some myths and … Continue reading

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Congrats to SpaceX

Felt a bit surreal to finally see the rocket reach orbit after three failures. What a sense to at last use a dummy payload. SpaceX won’t change the world of space travel, all their hardware seems expendable in reality. I … Continue reading

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SpaceX's Third Attempt

The first stage worked flawlessly but the staging malfunctioned. I wasn’t watching, but went to bed at 4 am local time after waiting through some launch delays, thinking that it’d take forever anyway, and of course the launch was right … Continue reading

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Fed Up

I’m quite that just right now. It will pass. Perhaps. There’s been some discussion in various places about both NASA and potential future launch vehicles. Everything’s just so static in a large sense. Completely hopeless. I’ll throw in the towel … Continue reading

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