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English Winter

even though it’s Finland. No snow so far. Been riding the bike to work almost every day. Also noticed that the blog had been hidden from search engines with some option. That should be cleared now.

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Video Testing…

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Have a good 2011!

Greetings from wintry Helsinki! It’s the second snow-laden winter in a row. It’s manageable as we have the equipment and attitude for it. That also means it costs a lot as most of the snow needs to be plowed away … Continue reading

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Lost post

in 2010, web based editors were not yet sufficiently advanced to save drafts of the edit window automatically.

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Welcome to the new site!

Got an own domain finally. The title picture is from the Lepsämäjoki river valley in Southern Finland in late summer 2010, when bicycling in the Russian forest fire smoke. It was hot, humid and smoky. The blog theme is twentyten, … Continue reading

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All Tarkovski Films Free Online

Noticed by Things Break. I’ve only seen Solaris. It had a lot of good in it, although it was quite uneven and somewhat overlong. Certain acting is very intensive and memorable. Having read the book twice, I even experienced it completely … Continue reading

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Away Again

for a few weeks. The camera had some trouble transferring the pictures to the computer too so you didn’t see any cool stuff yet, sorry.

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I’ve come back from the Baltics and Berlin. The blog title picture is from Vilnius, the viewpoint near the old fortress. I’ll write and post more photos later.

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Digital Camera Buying

I might buy a cheap point and shoot digicam soon, just to enable me to at least document something, especially when traveling Shooting with film is so expensive (although some do it) and also it’s hard to put the stuff on … Continue reading

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Eckerö Line

Trying it again. Might visit the sea museum in Tallinn too. They also have a pre-WW2 submarine sitting in the harbor. Finland has one too, it’d be interesting to see the difference. I think it is English built. There’s … Continue reading

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