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Doug Stanley Backs Depots

Doug Stanley, the notorious ESAS leader has said some strange things (this is his option three, one being Ares I and two Ares V): Eliminating Ares 1 and 5 and all shuttle infrastructure could save NASA future costs that could … Continue reading

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Augustine Panel Session 1, comment 3

It seems ULA finally got out in the public with their opinion on how long and what it would take to launch manned stuff or Orion with their rockets. It only took four years, laboring under threatening and suppression.  What … Continue reading

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Transparency of the Augustine Commission

Watching the NSF forum closely, the nicknames Antares: Commission folks reading this thread (on topic, see ) need to request the Bullman study (MSFC) and the response to the Bullman study (not MSFC, ahem). The latter exists only in draft … Continue reading

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EELV:s again

This time the Aerospace Corporation deems them suitable for launching Orion, tells a Nasaspaceflight.com article . Via Clark Lindsey. I’ve gotten bored of all this a few years ago. When Griffin was in power, absolutely no change was considered. From … Continue reading

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NASA's near future

I’ve been an opponent of Ares I for quite a long time (not from the beginning though, but I have become more of an optimist since, regarding better  ways). In light of these things, it might seem that the huge … Continue reading

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