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Betting on 400 PPM CO2

Well, not real money. But Atmoz is discussing about when it will be reached with commenters. My bet is march 2018, though if you use woodfortrees to visualize, straight extrapolation seems to predict before 2015 already, for the northern hemisphere … Continue reading

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Kinds of Denialism

The Green Nuclear kind, be sure to read the comments in German. To summarize, in WWF:s climate score cards, France is scoring pretty badly. Everybody knows that France has about 80% nuclear power in electricity production, much more than the … Continue reading

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Mathematically Wrong

Tamino examines a certain paper: It’s certainly not true that their analysis shows “natural climate forcing associated with ENSO is a major contributor to variability and perhaps recent trends in global temperature.” It shows no such thing; their analysis removes … Continue reading

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Serious Solutions, No Feelgood

Finland is enacting laws that lead to building some more wind power. Like some professionals in the Finnish wind power association, Suomen tuulivoimayhdistys, have told me, perhaps the most important thing about wind power is that you have to be … Continue reading

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Rough Solutions for Significantly Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Next Few Decades

Take for example nuclear power. If there are CO2 taxes, that makes nuclear power more profitable than coal and it will automatically replace it. Also, somewhat similar for solar power. It is most of the time not wise to mandate very inefficient feelgood solar plants in cloudy areas. That is just theater. (On the other hand, it is sometimes worth supporting industry that is in its infancy and not immediately useful, but has potential in the further future. But this could be the wrong way.) But if they are built on profit and cost/benefit mechanisms alone, then they are probably built in more sensible places. Continue reading

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Continuing on the theme of science, policy and think tank input, Nexus 6 has an extremely good concise reference to the subject.

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