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There Are Rockets – and There Are Vehicles

Watching the armadillo 201 m hop http://media.armadilloaerospace.com/2009_10_24/2009_10_24_boosted_hop.wmv NASA’s Ares-1X http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html and Masten Space’s Xoie L2 flight http://twitter.com/NGLLC09 Two of these are elegant controllable reusable vehicles, able to take off fly and land in various weather conditions and corn fields. One … Continue reading

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Delta IV Manrating

Skimming the document (thanks NSF, Florida Today). Cute how a launch without an upper stage at all in the heavy configuration works out for ISS (burn SM fuel for orbit):

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Good News Everyone

From Hobbyspace, highlighted by Transterrestrial Musings: The program of record (i.e. Ares I/V/Orion/Altair), which exceeds the expected budget substantially, will no longer be in the options table but kept separately just as a reference. Yes! The historic words have been … Continue reading

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Transparency of the Augustine Commission

Watching the NSF forum closely, the nicknames Antares: Commission folks reading this thread (on topic, see ) need to request the Bullman study (MSFC) and the response to the Bullman study (not MSFC, ahem). The latter exists only in draft … Continue reading

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EELV:s again

This time the Aerospace Corporation deems them suitable for launching Orion, tells a Nasaspaceflight.com article . Via Clark Lindsey. I’ve gotten bored of all this a few years ago. When Griffin was in power, absolutely no change was considered. From … Continue reading

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NASA's near future

I’ve been an opponent of Ares I for quite a long time (not from the beginning though, but I have become more of an optimist since, regarding better  ways). In light of these things, it might seem that the huge … Continue reading

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Conceptual Design at NASA

The Constellation program has been going on for about 3 years. Kicking off with the ESAS study of a few months, it still hasn’t settled very much about the architecture. Even the number of solid segments and liquid engines on … Continue reading

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Ares I is in a Bit of a Trouble

Nasaspaceflight.com’s Chris Bergin finally wrote the article on Ares I’s thrust oscillation mitigation options. There are three main ones: new pulsed brake rockets, a damper between stages and a tuned small mass damper in the SRB. All three could be applied. They also increase mass and thus reduce performance. Ares I’s thrust oscillation coupled with the whole rocket’s already … Continue reading

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