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More About Archie

By Katharina and Salla.

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Streetcars / Trams / Light Rail

They’re awesome, yet problematic. In the early 1900s, Los Angeles had an extensive streetcar and light rail network (the red and yellow cars), but it was dismantled, like in many other american cities in the thirties, forties and fifties. One … Continue reading

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Nuclear District Heating for Helsinki?

Nuclear plants operate at only a few hundred degrees Celsius, so they don’t have very high thermal efficiencies. Thus only a small part of the nuclear energy is changed into electricity and most is lost with the coolant fluid, about … Continue reading

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Viking Mariella Blackout

Viking Line’s Mariella passenger and car ferry was drifting without steering capability between 00:30 and 01:00 (24 hour notation) near Utö in the Gulf of Finland on saturday morning 2009-09-19. YLE and HBL have more. There apparently was some spare … Continue reading

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Eckerö Line Nordlandia

We could literally see the pier about 200 m in front of us from the rear of the ship while waiting for the tugs to tend our disabled ship in. Continue reading

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Paramotoring Over The Wintry Helsinki

Some pics from some guys who travelled to here from midwest  Finland. It doesn’t look that glamorous since the weather is cloudy. At least a proper winter this year (last winter there was practically no ice at all.) Some of … Continue reading

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A Possible Effect of Global Warming

Michael Tobis has discussion on sea level rise. Everybody should probably know how the IPCC sea level estimate doesn’t include ice sheet dynamics and thus is open at the top end of the scale. I remember here in Helsinki a … Continue reading

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