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How SpaceX Could Accelerate Spacefaring – An Alternate Method

The starting position SpaceX currently has the Falcon 9 we know well. The first version flew in 2010. It uses kerosene fuel with gas generator Merlin engines. The engine cycle is conservative and performance is fine. Falcon 9 has reusable … Continue reading

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How did they improve so massively from the F-4 Phantom II to the F-15 Eagle to the F-22 Raptor?

Histories and documentaries of aircraft tend to just plainly list aircraft performance. The next generation of aircraft is just better than the previous one, but it’s rarely explained how this is possible.This is especially curious regarding aircraft like the F-4 … Continue reading

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Analysis of Tesla Berlin Factory Drone Flythrough

Based on the fly through video published in spring 2022 Body Inner body panels arrive pre-cut to rough shape at 0:20 They are shown to be stamped to a 3d shape, and the extra is cut off at 0:23 The … Continue reading

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Why is the F-35 slow?

The VTOL variant, F-35B, has the lift fan behind the cockpit. This means weapons bays or the inlet ducts can not be on the centerline, behind the cockpit – instead they are on the sides. This applies to all the … Continue reading

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Mitigating Coronavirus Economic Effects and Finding New Business Opportunities

Currently, governments are taking drastic measures to prevent a large amount of people dying, which is a good thing. When the lockdown and isolation time extends, the economy will start doing increasingly worse. People are laid off, businesses go bankrupt. … Continue reading

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A hacker’s guide to climate change

Interesting take on the basics

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USA to Exit Paris Climate Accord

According to some, a letter by 22 republican senators influenced Trump. Here it is as pdf. (It didn’t seem easy to get the plain text. Got it from Inhofe’s senate page.) The content of the letter is just about the … Continue reading

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Against Defamation

CEI accused Michael Mann of various things, and Mann sued for defamation. Now there’s some progress on the case. “The first line of defense you as a defendant can use in a defamation case, when you’ve done a good job, … Continue reading

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Life Starts To Resemble A Computer Game

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SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System Architecture Unveiled

They didn’t seem to optimize so feverishly for low trans Mars injection mass. Kudos for orbit refueling and planning for refueling on Mars, Asteroids, Europa, Callisto or what you have! I’m sure the architecture will still change drastically, it looks … Continue reading

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