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NASA's Mess

Danny Deger @ Nasaspaceflight.com forum on Ares I selection in ESAS (I don’t know if this is true, I have little knowledge about the matter): The Ares data isn’t just ITAR, it is Sensitive But Unclassified as it should be … Continue reading

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Everything Will Stay The Same

Charles Bolden, the coming NASA administrator was the pilot on senator Nelson’s shuttle flight and has been an SRB / Ares I lobbyist (they used the term “educator”). So, my prediction is that Ares I will continue on stumbling at … Continue reading

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Swedish Missiles, Changing a Ship's Course

Some years ago, Sweden had a plan to defend their air space with a vast network of radars at cellular phone network masts coupled with very fast missiles. And whaddya know, now Swedish missile oxidizer technology is finding itself to … Continue reading

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