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Hovering Vehicle Tilt Control, Part Zero

Someone was asking on ARocket about where to start with building a differentially throttled hovering vehicle. Lots of advice were given by various people. I’ll show some stuff I quickly sketched back in 2007 with Simulink. It’s such an easy … Continue reading

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Xombie NOW

Live stream just went up at http://qik.com/video/312581 they should be flying at 45 past whatever hour it is now in your time zone. Now on the pad loading propellants and helium. EDIT: And they did it! Congratulations! Also great accuracy. … Continue reading

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3wdeDJtYf0&feature=player_embedded#t=227] Made huge strides in the last few days. A half-L1 done. They might be able to compete with Armadillo on L2, though I’m somewhat skeptical since they’re only going to assemble the new L2 vehicle soon. Suddenly looks like … Continue reading

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X-Prize cup 2007, a test for reusable rocketry

Well, as has been noted in the newspace circles, Armadillo Aerospace failed to win the lunar lander challenge even after coming very close in 2006 already, and being even closer this time. Their report text is here and videos and … Continue reading

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Powered landing, practical considerations (1-dim)

There was some excellent commentary in the last post, and that has partly been one inspiration in writing this post. In the last part, the absolute minimum efforts by the launch vehicle making a vertical landing were determined. On top … Continue reading

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Powered landing, analytical solution

There is a long standing dispute whether winged landing or vertical rocket powered landing is more efficient and overall better for reusable rockets on earth. 🙂 Powered landing can be looked at in a broad overview. The post documents what … Continue reading

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