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Hero Designers and Testing

This shows the “golden age” during and just after the war. Even large things with a lot of design input could not be designed to be close to optimal right from the start. The B-36 experienced failures in structural testing … Continue reading

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The State of the Art of Washing Machines

..is despicable. They take clearly too little water. They take it clearly too slowly. They idle far too much at the beginning. They idle far too much at the end. They do not offer fast forward capability like mechanical machines … Continue reading

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The Martin Jetpack and Its Design Tradeoffs

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLccl_NWDQE] Here’s the technical information. It uses a piston engine to spin two smallish propellers. At first look it seems inefficient: the propellers are so small (diameter 1.7 ft so radius is 0.26 m) so the air mass flow is low … Continue reading

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