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A hacker’s guide to climate change

Interesting take on the basics

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USA to Exit Paris Climate Accord

According to some, a letter by 22 republican senators influenced Trump. Here it is as pdf. (It didn’t seem easy to get the plain text. Got it from Inhofe’s senate page.) The content of the letter is just about the … Continue reading

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Against Defamation

CEI accused Michael Mann of various things, and Mann sued for defamation. Now there’s some progress on the case. “The first line of defense you as a defendant can use in a defamation case, when you’ve done a good job, … Continue reading

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Three kinds of hybrids

The next fifteen years. Pure Electric – will be marginal Battery energy density will probably be lousy and they will be expensive so that pure electric cars can’t fill that many needs in the next fifteen years. What kind of … Continue reading

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Have a good 2011!

Greetings from wintry Helsinki! It’s the second snow-laden winter in a row. It’s manageable as we have the equipment and attitude for it. That also means it costs a lot as most of the snow needs to be plowed away … Continue reading

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Get the benefit while everyone pays the cost

Dr. Rabett has translated Ottmar Edenhofer’s Süddeutscher Zeitung interview from German. Excerpt: OE: Take coal for example. Worldwide there are about 12, 000 gigatons of coal in the ground. If we want to meet the goal of not warming by … Continue reading

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Communication between top scientists and public representatives

James thinks it’s a great idea, as he’s one of the “top men persons” himself. Of course, the Heartland institute will soon imitate with their own “experts”. 🙂

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Automotive X-Prize Winners

Huh, it always takes a long time to find anything on web pages that are so cluttered up. Here. No idea what the MPGe or miles per gallon equivalent is. EDIT: Here’s ERA’s video (they didn’t win, although they were … Continue reading

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New Energy Production Processes – A Technical Lecture Series

There’s a free lecture series (it’s also a course but attendance is open) at HUT Aalto University about new energy technologies, organized by a friend of mine who works at the lab there. Here’s the lecture program (they will be … Continue reading

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The Last I4

It doesn’t have the same sound as “The Last V-8” now does it? When you look at what’s happening in the world of automobiles, you get some idea of a change. It is always slow, yet I predict that when … Continue reading

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