Augustine Panel Session 1, comment 3

It seems ULA finally got out in the public with their opinion on how long and what it would take to launch manned stuff or Orion with their rockets.

It only took four years, laboring under threatening and suppression.  What a refreshing happening!

Great work, whoever decided the panel would work openly! Was it Holdren, Augustine, Obama, or who?

This seems so far something that government work everywhere should look at.

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3 Responses to Augustine Panel Session 1, comment 3

  1. Am I the sole hold out for keeping the SPACE SHUTTLE going? You think that the SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM is expensive? Wait until NASA gets really rolling with their new “money pit” toy call CONSTELLATION. Money is not the primary reason for retaining the SPACE SHUTTLE. The primary reason is, the SPACE SHUTTLE so very versatile. The SPACE SHUTTLE could be a working prototype for a spacecraft capable of putting man on Mars. The SPACE SHUTTLE, with certain low cost modifications could service thousands of satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the Earth. The SPACE SHUTTLE could continue to service the ISS and take a manned lander to the Moon, easily. Oh, and guess what ,Kiddies? You can not communicate directly with members of the Augustine Commission. It is forbidden. You must direct all communications through the NASA website. So much for openess between the public and the Augustine Commission. Oh yeah, and did I mention, must of the Augustine meetings are closed to the public. This is a joke, charade, much to do about nothing. Here is the bottom line. NASA wants the CONSTELLATION, so NASA will get the CONSTELLATION. NASA wants the books closed on the SPACE SHUTTLE, so the books will be closed on the SPACE SHUTTLE. Are we sheep? Do we not realize that NASA is OUR space agency? Beth, Baby, I could still use your help, particularily when the Augustine returns to Washington for their last performance on August 5, 2009. Hmmmmm…….

  2. now and in the next weeks, you’ll find dozens good and rational suggestions for the Human Space Flight Plans Committee in my new ghostNASA article:

  3. Andy says:

    The DIRECT approach is the one remaining viable alternative to abdicating the US lead role in manned space exploration, and perhaps even participation in ISS. Time for an end-around ladies and germs – go direct to the White House and Congress and YELL (politely) 😉

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