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RD-180 Engine Diagram

This is a bit different from the NK-33 done previously, but it’s still a full flow oxidizer rich staged combustion lox-kerosene engine. It has no gears and no flexible shaft coupling between the pumps like the NK-33, making it a … Continue reading

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The US Air Force Tries To Do Reusables

But is not a real RLV program. It’s just a narrow test for one technology. Hence I think naming it Reusable Booster System Pathfinder is misleading. Overspecification They overspecify the problem by requiring a glide landing. Why is it superior … Continue reading

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Lunar Lander Challenge 2009

Armadillo finally won L2 already. Masten and Unreasonable are still flying for second place I think (I’m not 100% clear on the rules) today! Spacetransportnews is the place to watch all this. (Or it has the links collected.) It’s historical … Continue reading

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Optimum Rocket Cruise

With some caveats. 🙂 Let’s assume a rocket is launched, and accelerates to constant speed v_c. Then it stays cruising at this speed and at a constant altitude. Landing is disregarded. The cruise We must modify the rocket equation slightly … Continue reading

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