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Iso-Haisu Hybrid First Flight, HD Video

EDIT2 Video is online now. END EDIT [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvc_xCLJimk] (I haven’t worked with the rocket, I just know the people who did this!)

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The Rocket Was Found Today

Altitude was 2222 m. Apparently the backup timer shot the drag chute out while the rocket was still ascending. The team said they have video and will upload it later, if asked nicely enough. 🙂 Meanwhile, some launch photos. You … Continue reading

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Iso-Haisu Launched Today Thursday, Still Missing

A Finnish largish amateur hybrid rocket project, Iso-Haisu (Large Stinky or Big Skunk, the successor of the smaller Haisunäätä, Skunk, the first Finnish hybrid) was flown today at a military artillery range. Reports say it disappeared into the clouds but … Continue reading

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