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The Noughties in Retrospect 2000-2010

Perhaps the biggest phenomenon from a western view has been the rise of China as a superpower. Internet services and applications, terrorism and wars in the middle east, oil, global warming politics, are some of the big things as well. … Continue reading

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Lies, lies, lies

See a dissection… [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khikoh3sJg8] It seems even the BBC has jumped into the stupidity…

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National Review Online

Jonah Goldberg posts a tired strawman argument in NRO: Last month, in another study, also released in Science, Oregon State University researchers claimed to settle the debate over what caused and ended the last Ice Age. Increased solar radiation coming … Continue reading

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Rough Solutions for Significantly Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Next Few Decades

Take for example nuclear power. If there are CO2 taxes, that makes nuclear power more profitable than coal and it will automatically replace it. Also, somewhat similar for solar power. It is most of the time not wise to mandate very inefficient feelgood solar plants in cloudy areas. That is just theater. (On the other hand, it is sometimes worth supporting industry that is in its infancy and not immediately useful, but has potential in the further future. But this could be the wrong way.) But if they are built on profit and cost/benefit mechanisms alone, then they are probably built in more sensible places. Continue reading

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The Truth Is Losing

I don’t see any way out of this slide into idiocracy anymore. Just a few examples. CNN Texas Education Board What happens in the USA usually is copied around the world quite soon. Industry funded think tanks and religious fundamentalists … Continue reading

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James Hansen

It’s could be (and has been) said that he doesn’t follow the consensus – he’s ahead of it. But one has to be careful when making such bold claims of climate as Hansen has. Stoat has analysis. Now I’m really … Continue reading

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Anthropogenic Global Warming and Ice Age

Very shortly: Anthropogenic global warming is a trouble of the current and coming centuries. Ice ages are slower phenomena happening with thousand and tens of thousands of years time scales. If there will be an ice age 100,000 years from … Continue reading

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A Possible Effect of Global Warming

Michael Tobis has discussion on sea level rise. Everybody should probably know how the IPCC sea level estimate doesn’t include ice sheet dynamics and thus is open at the top end of the scale. I remember here in Helsinki a … Continue reading

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