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Google Streetview

Welcome to Finland! [Disclaimer: strong posturing in the view]

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Eckerö Line Nordlandia

We could literally see the pier about 200 m in front of us from the rear of the ship while waiting for the tugs to tend our disabled ship in. Continue reading

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Serious Solutions, No Feelgood

Finland is enacting laws that lead to building some more wind power. Like some professionals in the Finnish wind power association, Suomen tuulivoimayhdistys, have told me, perhaps the most important thing about wind power is that you have to be … Continue reading

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Finnish Secret Projects

The April fool’s joke about a secret Finnish rocketry project was naturally not credible, but it was inspired by a few real pieces of history. One has to remember that until perhaps fifties or even the sixties, Finland was mostly … Continue reading

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Neat Nation's Realtime Electricity Monitor

At Fingrid. EDIT: same in English. Usage, Imports and Exports of Electricity in Finland at one moment in time

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Bits From The Last Hundred Years of Estonia, Finland and Sweden

Sweden is the biggest and most securely geographically placed nation of the three. It harped on Finland that had to do minor compromises with the Soviets during the cold war. But Estonia is even more vulnerable than Finland – and now Finland is barking at Estonia for joining so easily with NATO and being forced to traveling around bombing third world countries with USA. It seems different political realities that justify different actions must be assumed. People don’t seem to be able to understand each others’ situations. Continue reading

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Independence Day 91

Yes, it was that time of the year over a week ago, 6th of december. I had a post coming up but it still isn’t ready even if it’s not big or anything. But I’m doing this instead. 16 years … Continue reading

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Electronic Voting Sucks

Finland had communal elections a few weeks back. Some communities tested electronic voting machines, and naturally it failed miserably. Now the communities are working on having new elections. The central ministry that should be taking care of these things is … Continue reading

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A Nation's Anniversary

This month, my homeland, Finland, had it’s 90th independent anniversary. A short history is in order.

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