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The Noughties in Retrospect 2000-2010

Perhaps the biggest phenomenon from a western view has been the rise of China as a superpower. Internet services and applications, terrorism and wars in the middle east, oil, global warming politics, are some of the big things as well. … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Start Signal

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Some Chinese Problems

If you want to give people a higher material standard of living, you need energy. If you need to do this via industrialization, you need even more of it. China has done it with coal. There is this lengthy article … Continue reading

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Chinese Mini Space Station

From Slashdot via Hobbyspace. There’s some confusion regarding Shenzou 7 (the upcoming mission), 8, 9 and 10 forming a space station by snapping together in orbit. The orbital module of Shenzou can stay behind on orbit just fine, it can … Continue reading

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