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Minus 2D Boom Rendezvous

I always had a different idea compared to the one Jon and Kirk posted, (Kirk Sorensen is now a contributor at Jon Goff’s place, I’m afraid having such top men in the same place might cause a awesomity criticality event). … Continue reading

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ATV Docking Right Now

ESA live video here and live blog here, NASASpaceflight.com live thread here. Distance now a few meters. EDIT: Success! ATV is now docked to ISS. The live streaming video worked great perhaps for the first time ever. Now ESA has the Columbus lab and the ATV on the ISS. This success will probably raise space awareness throughout Europe, I hope … Continue reading

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First ATV nearing ISS

The first European Autonomous Transfer Vehicle is nearing the International Space Station as I write this. It’s demo day 2 and it will go to 250 meters distance. Docking will be a few days later. ESA has a live blog here. NASASpaceflight.com has a live thread here. Someone just posted a screen capture: There’s video at … Continue reading

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