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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

What is it? A new mode of transportation that’s supposed to be very fast like Concorde, on ground level and requires no rails. What could it be? Dylan thinks it’s a tube mail system. Jacques thinks so as well, and says … Continue reading

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Long time no post

Haven’t really had the time and stuff feels so clunky. WordPress feels quite old-fashioned. With modern blogging platforms you ought to be able to drag photos to upload in the background and whatever. I have for occasional photos but … Continue reading

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Flynano prototype shown to public

Flynano, the sub-70 kg carbon fiber seaplane designed to go around regulations by sheer lack of mass. Their first prototype that was retired and is now exhibited at verkkokauppa in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Finland. I took a few photos, more after … Continue reading

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Cameras and physics of light

This should be highschool level deduction. The basics In short: Assuming equivalent sensor technology where read noise or thermal noise doesn’t dominate: 1. Low light performance (low noise in low light photos) is dependent on absolute aperture size 2. Dynamic … Continue reading

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Oh boy, lenses and cameras

The previous post got old immediately. Sony released a couple of cameras (NEX-5N and NEX-3C) and lenses and Panasonic released a small lens and leaked two high grade ones. What beats me is how the Sony 16-55 mm F2.8 can … Continue reading

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Some Black Humor

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Traveling, pictures

will be at Testing if it was less hassle than WordPress…

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Sharing photos

Is a chore. Also, you’re at the mercy of unreliable companies. Perhaps openphoto might be able to change it. (link found at hacker news) At work, I sometimes hear of the kind of funny approach from non-IT companies: they’re afraid … Continue reading

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Some photo

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Three kinds of hybrids

The next fifteen years. Pure Electric – will be marginal Battery energy density will probably be lousy and they will be expensive so that pure electric cars can’t fill that many needs in the next fifteen years. What kind of … Continue reading

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