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Loxia, Again

Curvirostra, I think, in the blog header picture. (Shot through a scope. My parents’ camera’s light baffle fits over the eyepiece almost perfectly.) It’s probably not Pytyopsittacus or Leucoptera. The latter dines in larch but these didn’t have the clear … Continue reading

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I’ve come back from the Baltics and Berlin. The blog title picture is from Vilnius, the viewpoint near the old fortress. I’ll write and post more photos later.

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Digital Camera Buying

I might buy a cheap point and shoot digicam soon, just to enable me to at least document something, especially when traveling Shooting with film is so expensive (although some do it) and also it’s hard to put the stuff on … Continue reading

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Lennusadam – Tallinn's Seaplane Hangars

[youtube=] I didn’t have a camera with me but I was surprised at their impressiveness. From afar, they looked like old gas storage vessels (like in Suvilahti, Helsinki), but they really were dome-shaped seaplane hangars. Luckily Flickr has at least … Continue reading

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