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Cameras and physics of light

This should be highschool level deduction. The basics In short: Assuming equivalent sensor technology where read noise or thermal noise doesn’t dominate: 1. Low light performance (low noise in low light photos) is dependent on absolute aperture size 2. Dynamic … Continue reading

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Winter Bicycling in Style …

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English Winter

even though it’s Finland. No snow so far. Been riding the bike to work almost every day. Also noticed that the blog had been hidden from search engines with some option. That should be cleared now.

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Nature Photo of the Year 2011

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Oh boy, lenses and cameras

The previous post got old immediately. Sony released a couple of cameras (NEX-5N and NEX-3C) and lenses and Panasonic released a small lens and leaked two high grade ones. What beats me is how the Sony 16-55 mm F2.8 can … Continue reading

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Bright Affordable Lens Survey for System Cameras

A very incomplete relatively bright sub 1000 euro SLR and Mirrorless lens survey. I didn’t include Sony Alpha or NEX or Samsung NX or Pentax or Four Thirds since I’m tired. Took the prices from Summary: I was assuming … Continue reading

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A few photos

Dunno if WordPress, does something evil when it’s “crunching”. Of course it generates thumbnails then.

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A big manufacturer is bringing out a 192 megapixel 35 mm full frame DSLR camera

Can’t disclose my source right now, but a big Japanese camera maker has been secretly working on this ever since the first small sensor interchangeable lens systems by its competitors Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony started getting some market share. … Continue reading

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