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English Winter

even though it’s Finland. No snow so far. Been riding the bike to work almost every day. Also noticed that the blog had been hidden from search engines with some option. That should be cleared now.

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Traveling, pictures

will be at Testing if it was less hassle than WordPress…

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The Snow Log Epilog

We still have some snow. Though only if you cheat. The Mätäjoki river valley was used for dumping it in the winter. In other news, we have to give 17 billion to Euro currency countries that have had financial problems. … Continue reading

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A few photos

Dunno if WordPress, does something evil when it’s “crunching”. Of course it generates thumbnails then.

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Some Pictures From This Winter

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Short Pants, addition

You piled a thousand tonnes of icy feel yet we broke them with ten thousand of steel. Rocking gentle, and violent crashes dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

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Lost post

in 2010, web based editors were not yet sufficiently advanced to save drafts of the edit window automatically.

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Welcome to the new site!

Got an own domain finally. The title picture is from the Lepsämäjoki river valley in Southern Finland in late summer 2010, when bicycling in the Russian forest fire smoke. It was hot, humid and smoky. The blog theme is twentyten, … Continue reading

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Can I have Linux with that?

Apple’s Iphone, the various Google Android phones by Samsung, HTC and probably others, and Nokia’s Symbian phones are fighting on the smart phone market. As far as I know, Iphone is “closed” and you can only download those apps that … Continue reading

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[youtube=] If the city flooded – the water routes would allow escaping

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