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I have to admit I was skeptical at first. What can a pile of trash bricks, mud and sand do, on a barren poisoned wasteland? Or some pouches of dirt around this and other abandoned post-industrial zones in the city? … Continue reading

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Loxia, Again

Curvirostra, I think, in the blog header picture. (Shot through a scope. My parents’ camera’s light baffle fits over the eyepiece almost perfectly.) It’s probably not Pytyopsittacus or Leucoptera. The latter dines in larch but these didn’t have the clear … Continue reading

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Glaciologists on Himalaya

However, the oft quoted the Himalayan glacier may be gone by 2035 is still not a realistic conclusion based on the recent ongoing significant retreat of the many still large Himalayan glaciers. Glaciologist Mauri Pelto commenting in November 2009. What’s … Continue reading

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The Noughties in Retrospect 2000-2010

Perhaps the biggest phenomenon from a western view has been the rise of China as a superpower. Internet services and applications, terrorism and wars in the middle east, oil, global warming politics, are some of the big things as well. … Continue reading

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Economics and the Price of Nature

Assume a glacier that provides summer water for a billion people. What is its value, if it is destroyed by global warming? Since it currently provides services for free, it could be calculated as zero, according to some. Hence, a … Continue reading

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Loxia Curvirostra

Or Pytyopsittacus, I’m not very good at this.

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