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More About Archie

By Katharina and Salla.

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Humans Fast, Machines Slow

Detach a small capsule with the humans that goes directly to the surface (with only days of life support) and leave the untended craft to do multi-pass aerobraking Continue reading

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I have to admit I was skeptical at first. What can a pile of trash bricks, mud and sand do, on a barren poisoned wasteland? Or some pouches of dirt around this and other abandoned post-industrial zones in the city? … Continue reading

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All Tarkovski Films Free Online

Noticed by Things Break. I’ve only seen Solaris. It had a lot of good in it, although it was quite uneven and somewhat overlong. Certain acting is very intensive and memorable. Having read the book twice, I even experienced it completely … Continue reading

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The Swiss Monotracer Two-Wheel Car

If you speak german, this video is nice. They show it driving, in construction and design. [youtube=!v=v9-hMlN19NE&feature=related] Though it is complex, heavy at 450 kg and expensive at 62,000 euros. Uses a BMW motorcycle engine and sits two people in … Continue reading

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The Last I4

It doesn’t have the same sound as “The Last V-8” now does it? When you look at what’s happening in the world of automobiles, you get some idea of a change. It is always slow, yet I predict that when … Continue reading

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Loxia, Again

Curvirostra, I think, in the blog header picture. (Shot through a scope. My parents’ camera’s light baffle fits over the eyepiece almost perfectly.) It’s probably not Pytyopsittacus or Leucoptera. The latter dines in larch but these didn’t have the clear … Continue reading

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The Laws of Physics

Regarding light gathering area and sensor noise are harsh. Well, it was cheap and it’s tiny and has a rechargeable battery. Maybe it’ll do something worthwhile. The view is from the kitchen window after 11 pm. Why do these things … Continue reading

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Lennusadam – Tallinn's Seaplane Hangars

[youtube=] I didn’t have a camera with me but I was surprised at their impressiveness. From afar, they looked like old gas storage vessels (like in Suvilahti, Helsinki), but they really were dome-shaped seaplane hangars. Luckily Flickr has at least … Continue reading

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I Have Seen The Future of Personal Transportation

And it is awesome and Japanese. Just put a person on top and raise the speed. [youtube=] [Embedding seems to have problems]

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