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“Space Is Hard” Is The Wrong Answer

They say “Space is hard” Orbital Sciences crashed a rocket equipped with two 40 year old engines. Physically that old. They were an interim solution and they were working towards new engines. We don’t know at this point if the … Continue reading

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Crazy World, Part n

of how journalism is interpreted too, or how to drop your company’s stock 15% in a simple interview which has nothing peculiar in it…

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The Press Messed Up And They Won't Admit It

The whole climategate affair was a quite successful smear campaign where the press was played easily. Michael Tobis has more and you can comment there if you want or on the blogs he links to. If you want to get … Continue reading

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Bill Sweetman Suspended From [EDIT: Talking About F-35] Aviation Week & Space Technology

Haven’t followed his reporting but apparently it’s been overtly critical of the F-35. [add standard rants and speculations of industry journalism and corruption and ad revenue etc] He has written a book on the subject before so I’d gather he … Continue reading

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Gate N

This time seems a sloppy reference to Amazon droughts in IPCC AR4 WG2 that turns out to be correct in the end. Scruffy Dan: Sounds, like the same type of issue as the Himalayan glacier error, citing the grey-literature, rather than … Continue reading

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News, This Just Came In

Apparently there’s something going on. I’ll let the reportage speak for itself: [youtube=]

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Glaciologists on Himalaya

However, the oft quoted the Himalayan glacier may be gone by 2035 is still not a realistic conclusion based on the recent ongoing significant retreat of the many still large Himalayan glaciers. Glaciologist Mauri Pelto commenting in November 2009. What’s … Continue reading

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Astrospies and Other Nova Documentaries Online

[youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] Merry Christmas everyone!

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RQ-170 Sentinel A Morph Wing Aircraft?

Just a theory of the recently photographed “Beast of Kandahar”. I was browsing the NTRS (for another project), when I ran into this: A hinge, actuators or a locking mechanism could explain the wing humps (if more conventional structures are … Continue reading

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"Hide the decline"

And what it means in relation to tree ring proxies, by Hrynyshyn, reviewing a book. That excerpt appears immediately above a graph that shows how temperatures inferred from tree-ring records since about 1850 (the “proxies”) are a pretty good match … Continue reading

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