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Freefall, again

It’s just too good at the moment… It reminds me somewhat of Lem’s short stories about robots.

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A New Competitor for Armadillo?

For propelling the Rocket Racer? [youtube=] 😉

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Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline

Tim Lambert examines one of the specific fraud claims in the CRU code.

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Waiting for the Start Signal

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Would You Get On?

[youtube=] With workers like these, everything like cars should be super cheap! It isn’t, there’s a fault somewhere…

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Energy and Calories

The latter is an obsolete unit for energy anyway. The SI unit is Joules. 1 J = 1 N * 1 m = 1 kg * 1 m²/s² = etc etc – see that’s the whole idea of the SI … Continue reading

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Sneezes in Slow Motion

[youtube=] From the blog of Improbable research. Ok, I’ll post something real soon. The LLC is going and Armadillo might fly a proper L2 course soon! They have already test landed on a simulated lunar surface. Masten is doing tests and … Continue reading

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Law, Politics, Advertising

The chief disciplines of bullshit, i.e., law, politics and advertising, have developed a culture that is very good at misdirection, to the point where the best information not only doesn’t win out, arguably truth is at a disadvantage. Michael Tobis … Continue reading

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Magic Highway and the Astounding World of the Future

[youtube=] Changes of lifestyle in the future have indirect effects that are perhaps unexpectable to some but were probably predicted by many. [youtube=]

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[youtube=] I really don’t know what to say. It’s a parody, piss take, a statement, a joke, a nice thing, a red herring… (I also don’t think what they say makes much sense but yeah whatever.)

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