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Running in lunar gravity

You can simulate lunar gravity quite easily on Earth – just suspend a man from his center of gravity and put him on a very inclined plane. Hilarity will ensue. Sigh, embedding broke again for no reason…. I never expected … Continue reading

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The State of the Art of Washing Machines despicable. They take clearly too little water. They take it clearly too slowly. They idle far too much at the beginning. They idle far too much at the end. They do not offer fast forward capability like mechanical machines … Continue reading

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More About Archie

By Katharina and Salla.

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I've Returned

[youtube=] Too much to fit into one update. The leads could be Communisms’ legacy [youtube=] in the Baltic states in East Berlin in demographies its relation to other genocides like the holocaust a prison how do the people live today … Continue reading

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I Have Seen The Future of Personal Transportation

And it is awesome and Japanese. Just put a person on top and raise the speed. [youtube=] [Embedding seems to have problems]

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Betting on 400 PPM CO2

Well, not real money. But Atmoz is discussing about when it will be reached with commenters. My bet is march 2018, though if you use woodfortrees to visualize, straight extrapolation seems to predict before 2015 already, for the northern hemisphere … Continue reading

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The Rocket Was Found Today

Altitude was 2222 m. Apparently the backup timer shot the drag chute out while the rocket was still ascending. The team said they have video and will upload it later, if asked nicely enough. 🙂 Meanwhile, some launch photos. You … Continue reading

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Google Streetview

Welcome to Finland! [Disclaimer: strong posturing in the view]

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News, This Just Came In

Apparently there’s something going on. I’ll let the reportage speak for itself: [youtube=]

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LOX Film Cooling

It works! Armadillo did the important, expensive and meticulous scientific research: During a tour of the shop I was explaining how our particular rocket engines worked. While doing this I discovered that an injector we had performed no less than … Continue reading

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