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USA to Exit Paris Climate Accord

According to some, a letter by 22 republican senators influenced Trump. Here it is as pdf. (It didn’t seem easy to get the plain text. Got it from Inhofe’s senate page.) The content of the letter is just about the … Continue reading

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Lost post

in 2010, web based editors were not yet sufficiently advanced to save drafts of the edit window automatically.

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The State of the Art of Washing Machines despicable. They take clearly too little water. They take it clearly too slowly. They idle far too much at the beginning. They idle far too much at the end. They do not offer fast forward capability like mechanical machines … Continue reading

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There's No Such Thing As A Reasonable Price Launch

All these people had to get paid. Even when there wasn’t a launch. Well, to be exact: until the money was spent and there weren’t gonna be any more launches, which was a few years from this photo. From the … Continue reading

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The Press Messed Up And They Won't Admit It

The whole climategate affair was a quite successful smear campaign where the press was played easily. Michael Tobis has more and you can comment there if you want or on the blogs he links to. If you want to get … Continue reading

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Betting on 400 PPM CO2

Well, not real money. But Atmoz is discussing about when it will be reached with commenters. My bet is march 2018, though if you use woodfortrees to visualize, straight extrapolation seems to predict before 2015 already, for the northern hemisphere … Continue reading

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BP Phones Child Psychiatrist

How does a corporation respond to a disaster it has created? By seeking the best PR strategy by polling around which response might look like the best move! Is this for real? Thanks to Things Break.

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The Media Has Been Silent

[EDIT: image link is broken so removed] Fox News reported something – getting it quite wrong in the process – that the van persons that tried to rescue the lone crawling survivor (before they were shot by the Apache as … Continue reading

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Shooting Random People

Warning, this shows killing of humans. Make your own judgement. 1945 in Italy [youtube=] 2007 in Iraq [youtube=] EDIT: apparently the latter video doesn’t work here (at least not for now), you can watch it at

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Iso-Haisu Launched Today Thursday, Still Missing

A Finnish largish amateur hybrid rocket project, Iso-Haisu (Large Stinky or Big Skunk, the successor of the smaller Haisunäätä, Skunk, the first Finnish hybrid) was flown today at a military artillery range. Reports say it disappeared into the clouds but … Continue reading

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