Analysis of Tesla Berlin Factory Drone Flythrough

Based on the fly through video published in spring 2022


Inner body panels arrive pre-cut to rough shape at 0:20

They are shown to be stamped to a 3d shape, and the extra is cut off at 0:23

The front and rear castings are cast from molten aluminum alloy at 0:52

It is not shown but the inner body panels and the castings are welded together, also some roof beams

Outer body panels are welded on at 1:14

Doors and rear and front hoods are attached at 1:34


The body is dipped into various liquids, sprayed and painted at 1:42


The skateboard is attached from below at 2:06

The skateboard includes the battery, motors and suspension

Before this the doors and hoods are removed

Doors are furnished at 2:15

Hood furnishing is not shown, neither is door and hood attachment

Interior finishing is not shown

Final checks at 2:20

At this point the car is finished with ready hoods and doors already attached and interior.

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