How much light?

This 1:1 crop contains a clue:

You can deduce some of a cat's pupilMore below

My parents’ cat’s pupil tells that the room was not very brightly lit at the time the photo was taken.

Cat's face

Yet the camera worked quite fine.

Whole frameI’d say it’s what I was looking for. The photo was taken by my father, and all rights are reserved. Fourth shot with this unit (though I imagine they test at the factory, but they probably reset the counter) and second by him after getting it in his hands.

Panasonic 20 mm F 1.7 and the GF-1 are a reasonable lens with a reasonable camera sold at the same time (they can be separated and combined with Olympus products too). Only partially incidentally, the front of the lens is about the same diameter as the 1972 Canonet 28, as is the field of view and camera size and weight too, though the Panasonic has no optical viewfinder. Too big to pocket but go under your coat.

If you’re in Helsinki, Topshot in Malminkartano sells the combo for 599 euros. They also have friendly personnel.

I for one welcome the returning age of reasonable sized pupils in reasonable sized frames.

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