Running in lunar gravity

You can simulate lunar gravity quite easily on Earth – just suspend a man from his center of gravity and put him on a very inclined plane.
Hilarity will ensue.

Sigh, embedding broke again for no reason….

I never expected running to look like that in low gravity. Everybody knows how hard it is in dreams when you try to escape but you’re just floating… should try that style then.

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2 Responses to Running in lunar gravity

  1. Doug Jones says:

    I think the suspension system had a LOT of drag- he really had to pull the equipment along behind him. Locomotion in actual 1/6 gee was much more upright, as you would expect from a balance of forces.

  2. gravityloss says:

    Now that you say, it looks like that.
    I assumed it looked so different to “real” 1/6 gee because of the stiff suits they had to wear on the moon.

    Probably tests like these would be trivial to do nowadays with computer controlled tethering meaning less of a drag.

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