Part 2, Timing

[Soundtrack by Mark Snyder
This was originally written in July or August 2009]

After the longest
hundreds of years
and one night
dawn finally came

and all the beautiful sounds
and scents of the world
woke up in the
radiative stillness of mist

Life vision
The waters mirroring the hills
the fowls drawing their arrows
in the picture

We could live here,
we could prosper
this could be home
for the children

No, something’s wrong,
a restless young sun.
The heavens sizzle
and things start over

Yes we know we cannot stay
this beauty overwhelms,
it almost stabs you
but it can’t carry us yet

Another three hundred years
of cold blackness,
some other world somewhere
will be our place

This world needs time,
a recovery,
before we,
our children return

We do not hate thee
the most beautiful, kind
strong and noble
worldly heavenly sphere

Since we have the gift
of understanding,
the possibility
of moving on

Your mountains will erode
new ones will rise,
jungless will dry and
deserts turn lush

And some day ever
worthy beings
walk your gardens
we know

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