Some Patriotism

Sunday was the ninetysecond anniversary of Finland as an independent state.


I saw this band back in 1997/8 when they were on one of their first gigs in Helsinki. They played in a small old warehouse, Lepakko, that had been converted to a music hall by squatters years ago. And they were great. The building is gone long since, new fancy offices occupy the place. And Nightwish had internalt trouble, changed it’s lead singer and is not really the same anymore, at least not to me. But they achieved some great things. This video is from the last concert with Tarja Turunen’s unbelievable voice. How do you rise from the small Finnish town of Kitee to greatness on the world’s stages? There are countless bands nowadays who take their influence from them.

It takes a lot of work and dedication, that is for certain.

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