Clear Climate Code

A project you can partake here. Rewriting some NASA GISS temperature record code in Python at first.

I’d go further and say things like these should not be volunteer efforts… government codes for something important like this should be open (and GISS is) with people being paid to update and keep them in good shape. Hopefully they can take things like these as templates.

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5 Responses to Clear Climate Code

  1. Mike Lorrey says:

    You are assuming that NASA is going to release their data? CEI is suing NASA over their refusal to comply with FOIA on this, a parallel to the CRUtape Letters Climategate scandal.

  2. gravityloss says:

    Hopefully they can and will release their data, I don’t know what is yet unreleased.

  3. Nick Barnes says:

    NASA GISS did release their code, years ago. That’s what CCC-GISTEMP is working from. Check your facts.

  4. Mike Lorrey says:

    Doesn’t take three years to release climate data unless you are intentionally stonewalling.

    If the CRU emails are anything like emails on the NASA servers between Hansen, Schmidt, and the rest of that bunch, then there’s good reason to evade legal compliance.

  5. Nick Barnes says:

    They do release their data. Do you know what the CEI are actually requesting under the FOIA? Do you know how and whether it relates to GISTEMP?

    The CEI have a long history of industry-funded denialism relating to tobacco, air pollution, dioxins, and other matters. Do you really trust an organisation paid by Philip Morris to downplay the health risks of smoking? Consider your sources.

    (for that matter, you might reconsider whether you want to read the Washington Times).

    CCC-GISTEMP continues to work with code published by NASA, on data published by NASA and other government and international bodies such as NOAA. We’ve had nothing but cooperation from NASA GISS.

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