Merry Christmas

This is something I’ve been toying with for a while. A homebuilt single seater. Must be under 300 kg and stall under 20 m/s to enter ultralight regulations in Finland. A HKS 700 engine with 44 kW power would be nice (it’s modern, which is rare in aero engines), though it is quite big and the design struggles to keep the requirements with it.

Modeling with Blender (no landing gear in these models, it will be fixed and tricycle)

Light Version

Light Version

Cruise Version

Cruise Version

One of the design goals is very basic construction. Another is STOL performance. Yet another is that a 190+ cm tall pilot should have comfortable seating.

Aero analysis (just basics, mostly the wings, not the Blender models) with XFLR5:


Wing Streamlines Near Flap End

I’ve also toyed with a basic glider “airchair” idea as a starter project and looked at new foils for it to minimize wing size (XFLR5 has inverse foil design which is nice):

Very High Lift Foil for A Low Speed Glider

Very High Lift Foil for A Low Speed Glider

I’ve been exchanging info with Karoliina. Mini-Sytky, KR-1, Cri-Cri, Luciole and MAG-01 serve as the closest examples of similar designs, though there are marked differences.

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  1. Goeland86 says:

    Hey, I love the fact that you’re using XFLR5 and Blender to do your project – I’m working on R/C gliders, and trying to do essentially the same thing, aside for a scale difference.

    Can you tell me if you manage to export your wing shape from XFLR to Blender? And if so, can you get a “CAD” style cross section plan from Blender? How do you do it?



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