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Even more on Skylon

They stop airbreathing at 2 km/s. Let’s compare this to staging. Assuming an upper stage of the weight of Skylon at that point (230 t), what kind of a rocket would be required for that? With a hunch of 3000 … Continue reading

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Why precool but not liquify – Skylon and SABRE

Well, I thought maybe I could add some content. Everybody’s heard about the British Hotol follower Skylon and its airbreathing SABRE engines. What’s special about them? My understandin’s based on this excellent document from Reaction Engines explaining why the system … Continue reading

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Nice video explanation of the SABRE engine by Richard Varvill. In a sense, it boils down to the problem of changing the hot fast low pressure intake air flow to a cold slow high pressure flow. In the Sabre engine, … Continue reading

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