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Nice video explanation of the SABRE engine by Richard Varvill. In a sense, it boils down to the problem of changing the hot fast low pressure intake air flow to a cold slow high pressure flow. In the Sabre engine, … Continue reading

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Suborbital is Next to Useless for Point to Point Travel

Spacetransportnews has a link to another in the long list of nontechnical space dreams. Earth’s radius is about 7000 km. The Van Allen belts start somewhat above 500 km from Earth’s surface. Hence, ballistic arcs have to be either very … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Paul Breed

[youtube=] Unreasonable Rocket

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Fed Up

I’m quite that just right now. It will pass. Perhaps. There’s been some discussion in various places about both NASA and potential future launch vehicles. Everything’s just so static in a large sense. Completely hopeless. I’ll throw in the towel … Continue reading

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BEGIN EDIT Oh well, there actually is more info about the vehicle outside XCOR’s press release (why didn’t they put that there?). Here, at Clark Lindsey’s Hobbyspace. Seems my speculations were a bit off-base, the dry mass was fine but … Continue reading

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European Non-Dinosaur Space Tourism

A Swiss-German undertaking. (Page in German but has pictures even if you don’t understand the language that makes it pretty clear.) Small companies providing different expertise to the project. Liquid engines from SPL, Switzerland, airframe from Extreme Aircraft, a German Extra-like aerobatic plane maker. Prototype looks … Continue reading

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