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RD-180 Engine Diagram

This is a bit different from the NK-33 done previously, but it’s still a full flow oxidizer rich staged combustion lox-kerosene engine. It has no gears and no flexible shaft coupling between the pumps like the NK-33, making it a … Continue reading

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The US Air Force Tries To Do Reusables

But is not a real RLV program. It’s just a narrow test for one technology. Hence I think naming it Reusable Booster System Pathfinder is misleading. Overspecification They overspecify the problem by requiring a glide landing. Why is it superior … Continue reading

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NASA's Rejuvenation

I do appreciate that the model is so different from Apollo that it takes time and thought to understand what it is about; I did not see it at first myself — but once I got past my preconceptions, I … Continue reading

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A Small Step for Rocketry

“Rockets are special” is an interchangeable meme with “rockets are expensive”. Well, hopefully they get less special. Armadillo’s been making progress, from the latest update: For the very first time, a complete system was operated without the presence of any … Continue reading

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LOX Film Cooling

It works! Armadillo did the important, expensive and meticulous scientific research: During a tour of the shop I was explaining how our particular rocket engines worked. While doing this I discovered that an injector we had performed no less than … Continue reading

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NASA Fails to Renew

NASA’s plans to return astronauts to the moon are dead. So are the rockets being designed to take them there — that is, if President Barack Obama gets his way. Sayeth Orlando Sentinel. Haven’t followed NASA’s latest movements. The Augustine … Continue reading

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Ground Ops Costs

Clark Lindsey comments on how Arianespace just raised prices instead of lessening costs. I’m reminded of Rob Coppinger’s recent visit to Kourou, their launch site. It just costs a lot to keep a city going in the middle of jungle, … Continue reading

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Doug Stanley Backs Depots

Doug Stanley, the notorious ESAS leader has said some strange things (this is his option three, one being Ares I and two Ares V): Eliminating Ares 1 and 5 and all shuttle infrastructure could save NASA future costs that could … Continue reading

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Be Careful When Starting Large Projects

Photos of a certain large Soviet ground effect vehicle.

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Minus 2D Boom Rendezvous

I always had a different idea compared to the one Jon and Kirk posted, (Kirk Sorensen is now a contributor at Jon Goff’s place, I’m afraid having such top men in the same place might cause a awesomity criticality event). … Continue reading

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