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Ground Ops Costs

Clark Lindsey comments on how Arianespace just raised prices instead of lessening costs. I’m reminded of Rob Coppinger’s recent visit to Kourou, their launch site. It just costs a lot to keep a city going in the middle of jungle, … Continue reading

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Clear Climate Code

A project you can partake here. Rewriting some NASA GISS temperature record code in Python at first. I’d go further and say things like these should not be volunteer efforts… government codes for something important like this should be open … Continue reading

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Doug Stanley Backs Depots

Doug Stanley, the notorious ESAS leader has said some strange things (this is his option three, one being Ares I and two Ares V): Eliminating Ares 1 and 5 and all shuttle infrastructure could save NASA future costs that could … Continue reading

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Be Careful When Starting Large Projects

Photos of a certain large Soviet ground effect vehicle.

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Dual Propellant Expander

Or what you are going to call it, an unrealized proposal from Aerojet around 1984. PDF Found on NTRS. The idea was to have two turbopumps (like on SSME), but instead operate on the expander cycle. Two heat exchangers, two … Continue reading

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Jeff Greason

The Man. On Space Review. [EDIT: About a month ago, but I only just read it.] This is just excellent. So many things I agree with, that go against the stupid myths of spaceflight and space policy. If you read … Continue reading

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Xombie NOW

Live stream just went up at they should be flying at 45 past whatever hour it is now in your time zone. Now on the pad loading propellants and helium. EDIT: And they did it! Congratulations! Also great accuracy. … Continue reading

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Asteroid Threats in Context

id Software’s upcoming game Rage uses asteroid Apophis as the scene setter for a post apocalyptic world. (id is part of Zenimax now, which also owns Bethesda, who did Fallout, a similar scene but done with nuclear weapons…) Is this … Continue reading

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Delta IV Manrating

Skimming the document (thanks NSF, Florida Today). Cute how a launch without an upper stage at all in the heavy configuration works out for ISS (burn SM fuel for orbit):

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Good News Everyone

From Hobbyspace, highlighted by Transterrestrial Musings: The program of record (i.e. Ares I/V/Orion/Altair), which exceeds the expected budget substantially, will no longer be in the options table but kept separately just as a reference. Yes! The historic words have been … Continue reading

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