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Hovering Vehicle Tilt Control, Part Zero

Someone was asking on ARocket about where to start with building a differentially throttled hovering vehicle. Lots of advice were given by various people. I’ll show some stuff I quickly sketched back in 2007 with Simulink. It’s such an easy … Continue reading

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Asteroid Threats in Context

id Software’s upcoming game Rage uses asteroid Apophis as the scene setter for a post apocalyptic world. (id is part of Zenimax now, which also owns Bethesda, who did Fallout, a similar scene but done with nuclear weapons…) Is this … Continue reading

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Economics and the Price of Nature

Assume a glacier that provides summer water for a billion people. What is its value, if it is destroyed by global warming? Since it currently provides services for free, it could be calculated as zero, according to some. Hence, a … Continue reading

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Experts on the Internet, X-33, Gigaprograms and Real Progress

Experts on the Internet A lot of internet discussion is ignorant speculation, rumor spreading, ranting and flaming. But that’s not all. The freedom and self-organizing nature of enables massive diversity. Newsgroups, mailing lists, IRC, forums, Twitter – and sometimes there’s … Continue reading

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First big thing

I think it’s Doug Cooke, presenting NASA things to the panel: Key exploration objectives slide: 2. To ensure sustainability, development and operations costs must be minimized Oh my. Next thing: [these things] “drives you to heavy lift”. Excuse me? EDIT: … Continue reading

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Augustine Panel First Hearing

Ongoing. Norm Augustine You can stream NASA TV with VLC, just paste this link into it:

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Air France Flight 447

2009-06-01 Air France flight 447 crashed with over 200 passengers on board in the Central Atlantic. At this early point it seems the failure was initiated by severe turbulence. Wings have been known to snap off because of very strong … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

This is something I’ve been toying with for a while. A homebuilt single seater. Must be under 300 kg and stall under 20 m/s to enter ultralight regulations in Finland. A HKS 700 engine with 44 kW power would be … Continue reading

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FLEX – Flexible Exploration Architecture

I wrote this architecture proposal, FLEX, a few years ago. It analyzes NASA’s approach that the ESAS study picked and notices how most of the mass in a lunar exploration stack in LEO is actually liquid oxygen. By using a … Continue reading

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Pump Power

There’s been some discussion of pump power. It is extremely easy to calculate it when using SI units. A flow front in a tube has a power: W power, F force, v speed. The force is Where A is cross … Continue reading

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