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Ronnie James Dio

Rest in peace. Here with Yngwie Malmsteen performing Aerosmith’s Dream On. Pay no attention to the picture of Yngwie. [youtube=]

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Another Night In Kannelmäki

It all started fine. The may day, had some great time and met new people and finished it off with old friends and sauna. 3 am and time to ride home. The smooth spring night is filled still with some … Continue reading

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Part 2, Timing

[Soundtrack by Mark Snyder This was originally written in July or August 2009] After the longest hundreds of years and one night dawn finally came and all the beautiful sounds and scents of the world woke up in the radiative … Continue reading

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Industrial Climate Software

I just updated the blog title and again just watched the page and the blurb. It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place, … It’s when we start spilling our sweat, and not our blood. It’s … Continue reading

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Ode to the Canonet Camera

I have a Canon Canonet 28 sitting here in front of me. It’s a seventies brushed aluminium and black grip film camera with exposure automation, you just have to focus it yourself and push the button. It uses regular 35 … Continue reading

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The Noughties in Retrospect 2000-2010

Perhaps the biggest phenomenon from a western view has been the rise of China as a superpower. Internet services and applications, terrorism and wars in the middle east, oil, global warming politics, are some of the big things as well. … Continue reading

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Opera and Firefox with WordPress on Ubuntu

They suck. For example the latter picture in the post below is malformed. The original before uploading is fine and well readable. I posted with Firefox as I can’t post images to blog posts at all with Opera. The editor … Continue reading

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Updated About

There’s now  some more info, a picture and an email address on the about page. Feel free to mail me at valtteri maja at gmail com. I’m not always as angry as I look in the picture. 🙂

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Just A Photo

A somehow in an unspecifiable way interesting composition I ran into at the slightly risque chicks and bikes blog.

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Eckerö Line Nordlandia

We could literally see the pier about 200 m in front of us from the rear of the ship while waiting for the tugs to tend our disabled ship in. Continue reading

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