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The Latest Fake Outrage Campaign

Hack and get some climate researchers’ emails. Then point to some pretty reasonable stuff as evidence of a conspiracy if taken out of context. It seems there are a few cases certain people latch onto. There was a certain lousy … Continue reading

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Burnelli Report on Fox An old video. The Burnelli “lifting body with wings” style transport and passenger planes might have been good. Too bad it’s pretty hard to pressurize compared to tube hulls that were just introduced when Burnelli aircraft were proposed. I … Continue reading

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Asteroid Threats in Context

id Software’s upcoming game Rage uses asteroid Apophis as the scene setter for a post apocalyptic world. (id is part of Zenimax now, which also owns Bethesda, who did Fallout, a similar scene but done with nuclear weapons…) Is this … Continue reading

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Economics and the Price of Nature

Assume a glacier that provides summer water for a billion people. What is its value, if it is destroyed by global warming? Since it currently provides services for free, it could be calculated as zero, according to some. Hence, a … Continue reading

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Interview With a Criminal

A Cisco researcher interviews a botnet operator. As the botmaster stated, running a botnet was his business. The criminality of running a botnet was simply a by-product of his primary means of employment. The botmaster’s product is a management interface … Continue reading

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Kinds of Denialism

The Green Nuclear kind, be sure to read the comments in German. To summarize, in WWF:s climate score cards, France is scoring pretty badly. Everybody knows that France has about 80% nuclear power in electricity production, much more than the … Continue reading

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Experts on the Internet, X-33, Gigaprograms and Real Progress

Experts on the Internet A lot of internet discussion is ignorant speculation, rumor spreading, ranting and flaming. But that’s not all. The freedom and self-organizing nature of enables massive diversity. Newsgroups, mailing lists, IRC, forums, Twitter – and sometimes there’s … Continue reading

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Tim on Tim

Tim Lambert exposes another one of Tim Blair’s articles. How can Blair be one of Australia’s top bloggers (in terms of traffic)? Just read some comments at Blair’s – they’re horrible excercises in outrage based on completely false information. The … Continue reading

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Transparency of the Augustine Commission

Watching the NSF forum closely, the nicknames Antares: Commission folks reading this thread (on topic, see ) need to request the Bullman study (MSFC) and the response to the Bullman study (not MSFC, ahem). The latter exists only in draft … Continue reading

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EELV:s again

This time the Aerospace Corporation deems them suitable for launching Orion, tells a article . Via Clark Lindsey. I’ve gotten bored of all this a few years ago. When Griffin was in power, absolutely no change was considered. From … Continue reading

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