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Fed Up

I’m quite that just right now. It will pass. Perhaps. There’s been some discussion in various places about both NASA and potential future launch vehicles. Everything’s just so static in a large sense. Completely hopeless. I’ll throw in the towel … Continue reading

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European Lunar Program Alternatives

ESA’s Architecture for Exploration Study (AES) is overviewed in Lunar Base Quarterly 1/2008 (EDIT: to be clear, the Quarterly was released in January): Lots of Ariane 5, Angara and Soyuz launches with space docking, a space station in Earth-Lunar L1 … Continue reading

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Analytics On Steroids

Okay, the topic of course is a pun of the current moon exploration approach chosen by NASA. It has been the subject of endless debate, and rightly so, but the various ideas for that are a subject for other days. … Continue reading

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A 3D Glue Gun Does Not Self-Replication Make

I’ve been wondering at this ever since the meme has been circulating. People make a printer that shoots glue, layer upon layer and thus it can print 3d objects. But saying such 3d printers will replace factories and manufacturing is … Continue reading

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