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A big setback for the Michael Mann smear campaign. Here‘s the science relevance context, the subject area Mann has worked on, temps in the 1000 year timescale. While some others work on instrumental records, say last 100 or 200 years, some … Continue reading

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Why Bullshit Often Sounds Better Than The Real Thing

From all places, a libertarian, who is arguing for laymen to trust experts. Come to think of it, there’s a certain class of rhetoric I’m going to call the “one way hash” argument. and The talking point on one side … Continue reading

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Gate N

This time seems a sloppy reference to Amazon droughts in IPCC AR4 WG2 that turns out to be correct in the end. Scruffy Dan: Sounds, like the same type of issue as the Himalayan glacier error, citing the grey-literature, rather than … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Laws, Part n of Infinity

It seems the US is getting onto private aviation bashing. No trailerable aircraft to airports or automobile gasoline for the engines. The former could be seen to be motivated by trying to prevent building bombs into aircraft, the latter is … Continue reading

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Facilitating Disruption

Richard Rood has a thoughtful piece written up on contrarianism, irrationality and disruption. It seems a bit naive for me but then again I don’t have much of the same experiences…

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Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline

Tim Lambert examines one of the specific fraud claims in the CRU code.

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Winter War

Seventy years ago today, 26 of november 1939, Soviet Union claimed Finland had fired cannon shots across the border to the village of Mainila. In reality these shells were shot by Soviet cannons. Wikipedia has more. And that’s how it … Continue reading

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"Hide the decline"

And what it means in relation to tree ring proxies, by Hrynyshyn, reviewing a book. That excerpt appears immediately above a graph that shows how temperatures inferred from tree-ring records since about 1850 (the “proxies”) are a pretty good match … Continue reading

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Energy and Calories

The latter is an obsolete unit for energy anyway. The SI unit is Joules. 1 J = 1 N * 1 m = 1 kg * 1 m²/s² = etc etc – see that’s the whole idea of the SI … Continue reading

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The Lives of Others

Man, East Germany was a horrible horrible place. I recommend this movie. Das Leben den Anderen, 2006. The repressivity and hopelesness of a totalitarian state is shown.

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