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Mathematically Wrong

Tamino examines a certain paper: It’s certainly not true that their analysis shows “natural climate forcing associated with ENSO is a major contributor to variability and perhaps recent trends in global temperature.” It shows no such thing; their analysis removes … Continue reading

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Kirk Sorensen's LFTR Talk at Google


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Coal is Bad

And there could have been much less of its use – but the alternatives of the past lay in half finished ruins. Kirk Sorensen explores them and their history concisely. Grand total: 85,000 tons of coal each day that TVA … Continue reading

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Adventures Inside the Atom

Adventures Inside the Atom, a great way to learn how the nuclear reactions work – for both adults and kids. Click on the picture to go to the site.

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Serious Solutions, No Feelgood

Finland is enacting laws that lead to building some more wind power. Like some professionals in the Finnish wind power association, Suomen tuulivoimayhdistys, have told me, perhaps the most important thing about wind power is that you have to be … Continue reading

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Neat Nation's Realtime Electricity Monitor

At Fingrid. EDIT: same in English. Usage, Imports and Exports of Electricity in Finland at one moment in time

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Coal Uses Oil

Uh oh. If Iain is correct, coal burning in the USA is oil burning as well, since the trains run on diesel and the amounts of coal needed per Joule are so vast, that almost half of coal’s cost at the … Continue reading

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Energy Mix

This is what many people should grasp what renewables and nuclear are about. The real electricity world operates with an energy mix. In many places there is open electricity trading, and if you introduce new sources to the marketplace, it … Continue reading

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Plastic Flywheels?

Gyro energy density is defined only by tip speed. And that is limited by material strength to weight ratio. Why not use ultra high density polyethylene (Spectra / Dyneema) for gyro disks? It has a very good strength to weight … Continue reading

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Nice video explanation of the SABRE engine by Richard Varvill. In a sense, it boils down to the problem of changing the hot fast low pressure intake air flow to a cold slow high pressure flow. In the Sabre engine, … Continue reading

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