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The Last I4

It doesn’t have the same sound as “The Last V-8” now does it? When you look at what’s happening in the world of automobiles, you get some idea of a change. It is always slow, yet I predict that when … Continue reading

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BP Phones Child Psychiatrist

How does a corporation respond to a disaster it has created? By seeking the best PR strategy by polling around which response might look like the best move! Is this for real? Thanks to Things Break.

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Streetcars / Trams / Light Rail

They’re awesome, yet problematic. In the early 1900s, Los Angeles had an extensive streetcar and light rail network (the red and yellow cars), but it was dismantled, like in many other american cities in the thirties, forties and fifties. One … Continue reading

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Hydrogen Polymers – A Game Changing Invention

Always keeping up to date on materials technology, I’ve closely followed the buzz how a few research groups around the world have been working on a super-material that’s so many things at once. If you think about it, carbon is … Continue reading

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Nuclear District Heating for Helsinki?

Nuclear plants operate at only a few hundred degrees Celsius, so they don’t have very high thermal efficiencies. Thus only a small part of the nuclear energy is changed into electricity and most is lost with the coolant fluid, about … Continue reading

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The Noughties in Retrospect 2000-2010

Perhaps the biggest phenomenon from a western view has been the rise of China as a superpower. Internet services and applications, terrorism and wars in the middle east, oil, global warming politics, are some of the big things as well. … Continue reading

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Factory Built Powerplants

Kirk had some thoughts when touring the Delta IV factory in Alabama.

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Economics and the Price of Nature

Assume a glacier that provides summer water for a billion people. What is its value, if it is destroyed by global warming? Since it currently provides services for free, it could be calculated as zero, according to some. Hence, a … Continue reading

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Thorium Energy Alliance

A quick way to get up to speed on Thorium and LFTR, aimed at lay people. [youtube=] I seriously doubt their cost and schedule stuff. One needs to do material science tests with this, so it’s going to take longer. … Continue reading

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Save the U-233!

Posting about it again. The Energy From Thorium forum has more on what’s going on.  Some bogus weapons reasons are presented to the press for why it will be downblended. It could be the startup fuel of new LFTRs instead. … Continue reading

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