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Hollandgate, potentially

BEGIN EDIT: I think I misread the Britannica part. Netherlands has half of it’s area highly developed and half of that highly developed area is low lying, so a quarter of the total. END EDIT The Netherlands is an example … Continue reading

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Gate N

This time seems a sloppy reference to Amazon droughts in IPCC AR4 WG2 that turns out to be correct in the end. Scruffy Dan: Sounds, like the same type of issue as the Himalayan glacier error, citing the grey-literature, rather than … Continue reading

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NASA Fails to Renew

NASA’s plans to return astronauts to the moon are dead. So are the rockets being designed to take them there — that is, if President Barack Obama gets his way. Sayeth Orlando Sentinel. Haven’t followed NASA’s latest movements. The Augustine … Continue reading

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Glaciologists on Himalaya

However, the oft quoted the Himalayan glacier may be gone by 2035 is still not a realistic conclusion based on the recent ongoing significant retreat of the many still large Himalayan glaciers. Glaciologist Mauri Pelto commenting in November 2009. What’s … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Laws, Part n of Infinity

It seems the US is getting onto private aviation bashing. No trailerable aircraft to airports or automobile gasoline for the engines. The former could be seen to be motivated by trying to prevent building bombs into aircraft, the latter is … Continue reading

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The Vulnerability of Modern Society

A gunman killed four people today in a shopping centre in Espoo, Finland. Maybe 6 kilometers from here. He then travelled some distance, killed a woman there and finally shot himself. The gunman was Ibrahim Shkupolli, an Alban refugee from … Continue reading

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Facilitating Disruption

Richard Rood has a thoughtful piece written up on contrarianism, irrationality and disruption. It seems a bit naive for me but then again I don’t have much of the same experiences…

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Be Careful When Starting Large Projects

Photos of a certain large Soviet ground effect vehicle.

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Winter War

Seventy years ago today, 26 of november 1939, Soviet Union claimed Finland had fired cannon shots across the border to the village of Mainila. In reality these shells were shot by Soviet cannons. Wikipedia has more. And that’s how it … Continue reading

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The Latest Fake Outrage Campaign

Hack and get some climate researchers’ emails. Then point to some pretty reasonable stuff as evidence of a conspiracy if taken out of context. It seems there are a few cases certain people latch onto. There was a certain lousy … Continue reading

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