Flynano prototype shown to public

Flynano, the sub-70 kg carbon fiber seaplane designed to go around regulations by sheer lack of mass. Their first prototype that was retired and is now exhibited at verkkokauppa in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Finland. I took a few photos, more after the break.

This was clearly a hand built prototype. It was fitted with a two stroke engine but it has actually flown with an electric motor. With that it has more torque and a bigger propeller. The external stick arrangement is cool and handsomely simple.

Talked with a representative and a few guys who happened to be there, Karoliina Salminen was there as well. The plane is not yet ready and they’re building the next prototype right now.

Clever, the guy can just sit on the front wing.

Here you can see the wingtip floats are just foam. Quick and dirty but works. The yellow color is just tape.The control surfaces are all in the aft top wing. They’re going to go full span elevons and a mixer in the future I heard. All but the rudder works with the right hand stick, it has a twist grip for the throttle. There’s only an airspeed indicator but of course you could have other equipment.

View from Jätkäsaari to Hietalahti. Jätkäsaari is an old container harbor island that is being built full of apartments (and tram lines). The Helsinki dock still operates between it and the mainland. The old warehouse magazines housed the bicycle film festival this year.

There’s also a bridge to Ruoholahti with the F-secure headquarters. I apologize for the unrefined photography, can’t really edit them now…

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