Welcome to the new site!

Got an own domain finally.

The title picture is from the Lepsämäjoki river valley in Southern Finland in late summer 2010, when bicycling in the Russian forest fire smoke. It was hot, humid and smoky.

The blog theme is twentyten, the new wordpress default. I tried out a few but many wouldn’t integrate a custom title picture well, had goofy styles with no heading styles or with no clear post titles. I liked the “newspaper style” idea displayed in a few like Erudite: that only the first post would be shown full width while below that the older posts would only be shown in small boxes showing you only the couple first sentences, that you could then expand by clicking.  Ie that the blurbs wouldn’t have to take the whole width like in basic “linear” blogs. The older the post, the smaller the box and further down. But that kind of thing isn’t mature yet, graphics integration doesn’t work at all really and there’s just too much clicking involved. Maybe some new platform alternative to wordpress will come along some day…

Also import messed up the old video embeds. Well, you can’t always win. At least I got the text and pictures.

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