Jon Goff's Move

Oh, what a bombshell, he’s leaving Mojave too. After Ben Brockert and Ian Garcia, there’s not that many from the Xombie/Xoie team left, but they got new people in and are moving on with the CruSR commercial sounding rocket things. And the bigger part is that Jon is founding a new company, Altius Space Machines, which only says “Building sustainable space infrastructure through low-cost space machines” on the homepage. We’ll see.

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3 Responses to Jon Goff's Move

  1. Valterri,

    Well, I actually left Mojave quite a while ago (last day at Masten was July 6th, last day in our apartment in Tehachapi was August 2nd or 3rd).

    As for the line on the ASM site, that was just filler that my friend who put the website up for me tossed in there…I’ll provide some more details soon on Selenian Boondocks, so don’t read too much into that line… 🙂


  2. gravityloss says:

    Oh! Shows how much I’ve been away in the summer. Good luck with your company!
    Too bad people from this side of the pond can’t participate in anything there because of the ITAR beast…

  3. It’s not so much being away as that I wasn’t trying to draw any attention to the fact that I had left. I think it only came up when Clark noticed I wasn’t on the new Masten team lineup… 🙂

    ITAR is an obstacle not an impossibility. There are some ways to work around it, and we’re investigating those.


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